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Company History (회사 연혁)


2012 April   Company established.

2012 April   Electrostatic Air cleaner developed, for removing fume and Odor.

2013 December   Applied in Serin Industry for DOP removal.

2013 August    Applied in Gwangpyung Ori Myungga.

2014 April   Applied in Busan factory of Dongwon Industry Co., Ltd. (동원산업)

2014 September    Applied in Sungjin Industry for DOP removal (성진산업)

2014 September    Applied in SEOGA & COOK.

2015 April    Applied in MULTI TEXTILE Co. Ltd (멀티섬유).

2015 April    Applied in Ironnom.

2016 March    Applied in EZEX R&D center.

2016 May    Applied in VERY WEDDING BUFFET.

2016 September    Applied in MIGWANG FOOD (미광푸드)

2017 February    CE certified (유럽품질안전규격 인증)

2017 May    Applied in LIP&FOOD (립엔푸드)

2017 June    Participated in Seoul city Government Support Project.

2018 June    Applied in BUN CHA RA BOOM

2018 July    Appointed by Seoul city Government as an Installation Company of Air Cleaners.

                   (2018년 서울시 시공업체 지정)



18-11, Jeonwon-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do, S. Korea


Phone : 031 302 4351   Fax : 031  300  3913
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