Bag filter

백필터 Bag Filter 

Bag filters are in general frequently used for dust removal in industrial applications. The flow can be from the outside to the inside of the filter (that means, the separation of particles happens on the external surface of the filter) or the other way around, depending on the application. The particles are normally captured on the internal surface of the bag filter

There are many bags inside the machine, and Air including the contaminated materials such as dust and gases, go through those bags. It is possible to design bag filter system considering collecting speed and collecting range. The pollution sources are collected by those bags. The collecting efficiency is very high, up to 99.9%.

We have various types of bag filters depending on bag material, collecting speed, and dusting method. Also the bags are applied in accordance with the pollution source. Bag filters are in general designed for applications with a desired filtration rate from 1 to 1000 micron.


Grinding work, working with particle & power, cutting work, drilling work, fracture work, metal-working process, mixture work.